Engineer spends thousands to create an iPhone 7 with headphone jack

Seen by: 29, Oct 4, 2017

An American engineer has taken it upon himself to make an iPhone 7 with a headphone jack.

Scotty Allen spent fourth months in China, used seven custom circuit board designs, disassembled three iPhone smartphones and spent thousands of dollars in order to bring his dream to fruition.

With his final product, Allen was able to demonstrate that the charger and headphone jack both work after the customization.

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Unfortunately, the iPhone’s headphones cannot be used while the iPhone is charging.

“To fix this would require a pretty serious engineering effort, that would require a much deeper understanding of the lightning protocol than I currently have,” it says on Allen’s website.

He also adds that he would like to look into iPhone 8, though this video was made before the iPhone event, so there is currently no information regarding the iPhone X. Allen’s design is open source and he says he hopes that people can improve on what he has done.

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